Networker VCB recovery issue with Linux clients

Posted: February 4, 2009 in EMC Networker, VCB

Ive been performing full image VCB exports of both Windows and Linux virtual machines for quite some time now, I only come across this error when I decided that I would also use the traditional agent based method to backup the file system for some testing I had to do for a customer.

Heres the scenario:

Perform a FULLVM type backup of a Linux virtual machine

Perform a scheduled or manual file system backup of the same Linux virtual machine using the Networker agent.

Open the Winworker GUI on the backup server and try to perform a FULLVM saveset recovery of the Linux virtual machine back to the proxy server and you will see the cross platform error.

And heres the error:


I logged this with EMC and managed to work with one of the engineers on the 7.5 beta team who’s actually issued a fix for the problem. This fix will be included in Networker 7.5 update 1

The only work around currently for 7.4.x systems is to perform the saveset recovery from the command line as the actual bug lies somewhere deep in the Winworker GUI code.


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