Timeout errors during SRM “Test”

Posted: February 4, 2009 in Site Recovery Manager

Over Christmas I couldn’t help but play with our new 2 x EMC NS20’s, SRM was someting I had wanted to play with since it hit the market. I found throughout my testing I experienced the exact problem listed below and thought i would copy and paste the fix into a blog post A.In case I needed to remember how to fix it … and B.In case it helped someone else out there with the same annoying error.

As noted below this is a warning apposed to an actual error but who wants to see RED warnings with the word “ERROR” during customer demonstrations. (Not Me)

You can follow the link below or read the grit of it all which ive cut and paasted below 


There was a change in Virtual Center Update 3 that adjusts the frequency that VirtualCenter checks for vmtools heartbeats. this new value now means that SRM recovery plans miss the first “check” and have to wait for a second chance by which time the timeout warning has been logged.

if the errors really are annonying then you can if you wish (insert disclaimer here for stating this is just my suggestion and not a VMware suggestion) simply edit your ESX hostd config.xml (/etc/vmware/hostd/config.xml) on your recovery site ESX hosts so that the vmsvc section looks like this:


The value of 40 is just my choice you can use whatever you want. I think the previous default was 20 seconds but that has now been changed via the ESX U3 code. Got a feeling the ESX folks will be issuing a kb article on this. Once that change is made just run following command on service console (or restart ESX whichever is easier )

  1. service mgmt-vmware restart

Then run the recovery plan again, no need to restart VC / SRM, and this time the plan ran through to completion without hitting any VMTools timeout errors/warnings. Note: in your recovery plan you should just be able to have the tools timeout values set to their defaults or old defaults of 30 seconds / 300 seconds


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