Monitoring client index size

Posted: February 6, 2009 in EMC Networker

Ok so over the last few years of being a Networker support engineer Ive seen my fair share of people ring up because they are unable to recover data from a machine they thought was being backed up but for some reason or another it was not.

Something I personally think Networker should have built in is A. a notification which alerts to clients with emtpy index’s and B. a notification which alerts to clients with index’s that have not grown in “X” amount of time. Ive spoken to Preston (creator, developer of IDATA TOOLS ) about this and we hope to have something built in to the IDATA TOOLS suite to offer this kind of functionality.

 Now there are a number of ways you could go about this but in the mean time Ive whipped up a quick mminfo command which query’s the Networker media database for index backups for all clients that show the client file index size to be in Bytes, apposed to KB, MB, or GB…Ive select to report out on level Full and only report out on the last 30 days…. Then piped it through smptmail to send an alert to my email address.

C:\>mminfo -avot -r “name,sumsize” -q client=backupserver,level=full -t “30 days ago” |find ” B” |find “index” |smtpmail -h mailserver -s “Clients with empty index” -f <sender> <recipient>

Here’s what i got emailed to me….



Now this is obviously for a windows backup server so in the next day or so ill perform the same on my linux box and update the post. Looking at the image above 940 B on a windows file system = “EMPTY” which means you have NO browsable backups for these clients and you should really begin to look into why this is.

I purposely decided not to explicitly set 940 B in the command as i really want to know about all index’s with nothing or very little. Once youve established that you have no index backups for a client you can then change the mminfo command to search further back and hope you have something you can recover.

“AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH Now what??”  the customer normally asks…. well now we perform a mminfo command to see whats in the media database.

C:\>mminfo -avot -r “client,name,sumsize,savetime(32),volume,ssid” -q client=rpryor,level=full

rpryor     C:\                            6040 MB         6/03/2007 11:11:12 p.m. NW.LTO.MAR07-01 1911372107

So as you can see I have a single saveset in the media database for the C:\ of the client, this gives us a couple of options, perform a saveset recovery or secondly knowing the volume ID and ssid I can scan in the saveset and then browse to recover data. Either way I would probably run the following mminfo command to confirm I had all the media required for the recovery.

 mminfo -av -r “first.last,volume” -q ssid=1911372107


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