Unix tools for a Windows backup server

Posted: February 10, 2009 in EMC Networker

The other night I was up writing a small script to query Networker for each client id and send an email displaying unique output only.

Now the trouble here is I was missing all the commands I use regularly on my linux boxes e.g. cat, grep, ls, uniq, diff, sort (well windows has sort but does not support -u switch)

I went hunting and found a package of ported unix tools  for windows…..they work a treat !! so i thought id share. Just extract the zip file into a folder of your choice and then add that folder to the windows path so you don’t have to specify the full path to the binary each time you want to use it.


I hope you find these use full, I don’t know about you but im forever typing ‘ls’ to get a directory listing in windows which obviously fails and I have to revert back to ‘dir’. NOT ANY MORE !!

Enjoy !!


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