New Networker 7.5 features

Posted: February 11, 2009 in EMC Networker, VMware

Now I think ill update this post every couple of days with a quick outline of each new feature that Networker 7.5 has introduced, since my main area of interest is virtualization so ill start with the new “Virtualization” tab in the networker configuration menu.

  • Virtualization



Configuration is easy, right click…Enable auto discovery…configure the identity of the VC server…specify username and password of an account with local administrator privileges on the VC server…check  the “Enable” box and select OK. That’s it your up and running, now right click on the virtualization tab again and “Run auto discovery”

You should now see your Data Center, Cluster, ESX servers and virtual machines, the mapping is really good and makes it easy to determine what VM is on what ESX server

You can right click on any of the VM’s and use the client configuration wizard to configure traditional backups or VCB backups which in previous versions of Networker had to be done manually.

Now the coolest thing ive seen so far with the virtualization intergration is a new notification called “New Virtual Machine”. This notification can be configured to send an email alert to a single user or distribution group, the alert gets sent everytime the auto discover task runs (by default every 24 hours unless user initiated)

NetWorker hypervisor: (notice) Found 1 new Virtual Machine(s) on ‘VirtualCenterServer’: NewVMTest,

While these features are warmly welcomed I still feel the functionality is rather limited, I suspect what we see here is just the beginning of Networkers intergration into a virtual world.


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