Know your client ID’s

Posted: February 20, 2009 in EMC Networker



I’ve come across a number of cases recently where a great deal of confusion has come about due to clients being renamed, clients being recreated after having been deleted, clients being copied from the NMC and people forgetting to blank out the client ID to allow Networker to recreate a unique “clientid”


For those of you who are new to Networker, this is what a client id looks like 8213d3d5-00000004-4547a485-4547a484-00740000-c0a8000a at the end of the day its just a big number that’s used as a unique identifier.


Put it this way, no harm comes from knowing and tracking your client ID’s.


Here is a simple way of achieving this.


Step1. Create a txt file called input.txt and in this file paste the following txt


sh name

sh client id

sh aliases

print type:nsr client


Step2. Launch a cmd windows and type the following command;

nsradmin -i input.txt |smtpmail -h smtpserver -s “Client Id’s” -f sender recipient (obviously replacing sender and recipient with valid email addresses)



This launches nsradmin, uses the contents of the input file to determine what to print and then pipes it out through smtpmail to send a notification to your email address.


You could set this up as a windows scheduled task which runs once a week and with a rule created within your email application you can automatically file them as they come in. Of course check them periodically as scheduled tasks are prone to error due to changing passwords.

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