EMC Celerra VMware Site Recovery Manager Failback Plug-in

Posted: March 3, 2009 in Celerra, Site Recovery Manager, VMware

Ive been using  VMware’s Site Recovery Manager 1.1 for a few months now and overall I think its a brilliant and exciting addition to Vmware’s port folio.

Now one of the major functionality short commings of SRM has been the option/ability to fail back from the recovery site back to production, currently this is a manual process and from what Ive heard it could be another 12 months before VMware integrate this into into the SRM code. At this stage I think its fair to say only EMC have the ability to provide this functionality via a new virtual center plug-in. (Im sure it wont be long till others follow)

Ive done the EMC online training for the new plug-in and I thought I would list some of the notes I made.


The Fail back Wizard can be installed on the SRM server if SRM is not also installed on the VC server. This is mainly due to the fact VC also uses tomcat.


  • Configure Log into protected site Celerra and vCenter
  • Configure Log into recovery site Celerra and vCenter
  • Discover failed over sessions
  • Select sessions and fail back

In the background this does the following

  • Powers off recovery site VM’s
  • Failback Replicator V2 sessions
  • Rescan Protected site storage
  • Unregister orphaned VM’s
  • Rename failed back datastores
  • Register failed back VM’s
  • Reconfigure VM’s
  • Deletes orphaned vswp files if SRM 1.0 is installed
  • Power on Protected site VM’s
  • Unregister recovery site VM’s
  • Rescan recovery site storage

Manual steps post failback

  • Recreate Protection Groups
  • Recreate Recovey Plans


  • No ordering or priority
  • No virtual machine dependencies
  • Does not reset IP adddresses
  • Not from smoking hole (requires both sites)

This plug-in should be availalbe on PowerLink in the next couple of days.  Enjoy !


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