Dont remove clients from Groups

Posted: March 5, 2009 in EMC Networker, Tips and Tricks

Something I see on a regular basis is customers having  issues with a particular client backing up and to stop the group from failing  they tend to remove the client from the group. Often the failure can be something as simple as the machine was rebuilt and the Networker client hasnt been instaled yet.

Now if you remove the client from the group you have to remember to put it back in, and trust me I know all about this because its something Ive done before and its something you only tend to do once.

I’m a firm believer of leaving clients in groups….” LET IT FAIL” when the big boss man comes knocking on your door asking why the backup groups have been failing for the last week you explain its because the administrator of the system hasnt resolved the issue yet.

Also something I see often is people moving clients into “Test” groups because of failures, this is also prone to forgetting to put clients back in groups.

So what options do you have ? (Here are a couple of practical ideas)

1.Use the Networker NMC “copy” option and place the new instance into a test group, change the comments field to show this is a test instance. Once you’ve finished testing you can simply delete it.

2. A single client instance can be placed in multiple groups, rather than removing it from the original group just leave it there and add it to the test group. Once your done just remove it from the test group, if you forget to do that then its probably a good thing you didn’t remove it from the original group because its likely you would have forgotten to put it back.

3. Quite often customers move clients into a different group as they don’t want to run an entire group again just to capture a single client. The best way to achieve this without having to go and move or create clients is to use the command line. The command below runs the client in the specified group only, this will adhere to the schedule assigned to the group so if you have a skip set then just add -l FULL before the -c <client> to run a level full backup.

savegrp -v -c <client> -G <group>

For those of you who are not familiar with the command line side of networker, I highly recommend you have a play.. this is where the real power lies.


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