Networker and VCB trouble shooting

Posted: March 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

There have been a number of improvements for Networker VCB integration in the new 7.4.x and 7.5 builds.

For anyone who decides to integrate VCB into Networker I highly recommend you start with the basics. Install the VCB framework on the proxy server and start with some vcbmounter commands to make sure you can successfully perform a full image export and a file system mount. Once you get this working you can then start to integrate VCB into Networker.

If you’ve already jumped ahead and configured some VCB clients in Networker but your finding the backup fails, here’s a tip which might help identify the problem.

From the Networker backup server, browse to the Networker install path and in nsr\tmp\sg\<groupname> youll find a small file called sso.000002 which contains all the output from the vcbmounter commands running in the background. This is why I recommend getting things working from the command line first as the output you would see and the failures are identical with the information you’ll find in this log.

Here’s an example of an error I received while doing some testing.

Converting “E:\vcbmnt\\scsi0-0-0-ubuntu704.vmdk” (compact file):
        ********************[2008-11-06 14:23:38.578 ‘blocklist’ 1224 error] Could not renew disk lease. Aborting operation.
[2008-11-06 14:23:38.640 ‘BlockList’ 2824 error]

Now the handy thing about having access to this information is it helps you determine if the problem lies with VMware or Networker. I think from memory this particular error did show up in the savegroup details but there have been many times I had to look here to find out what was really going on.


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