Getting MMINFO output into Excel

Posted: March 13, 2009 in EMC Networker, Tips and Tricks

For those of you who are familiar with MMINFO you’ll know how powerful it is and how much information you can get from the media database. Some people like to use the built in reporting functionality built into Networker NMC but personally I find it unreliable and more times that not I find the numbers just don’t add up.

So this week I was importing some mminfo data into Excel to sort when I thought that it might be something worth writing a post on, below you’ll see how to get the MMINFO fields into separate columns.

The command below will ouput  results in standard MMINFO  format.

 C:\>mminfo -avot -r “client,name,ssid,cloneid” -q -t “1 day ago” >report.txt

Now lets take a look at whats in the txt file.

 client    name                           ssid          clone id     VSS SYSTEM BOOT:\              280633504   1236934816     VSS SYSTEM BOOT:\              280633504   1236934817     VSS SYSTEM SERVICES:\          247079075   1236934818     VSS SYSTEM SERVICES:\          247079075   1236934819     D:\                            4240056601  1236934932     D:\                            4240056601  1236934933     VSS USER DATA:\                4038730332  1236935213     VSS USER DATA:\                4038730332  1236935214     VSS OTHER:\                    4005175900  1236935224     VSS OTHER:\                    4005175900  1236935225     VSS ASR DISK:\                 3787072135  1236935293     VSS ASR DISK:\                 3787072135  1236935294

Ok now lets add a -xc, to the command and we should see every is seperated by a comma. You could how ever replace the comma with any symbol or character.

C:\>mminfo -avot -xc, -r “client,name,ssid,cloneid” -q -t “1 day ago” >report.txt

client,name,ssid,clone-id,C:\,2931347332,1236865688,VSS SYSTEM BOOT:\,2964901764,1236865688,D:\,2948124548,1236865688,VSS SYSTEM SERVICES:\,2897792906,1236865688,VSS USER DATA:\,2830684090,1236865688,VSS OTHER:\,2595803177,1236865688,VSS SYSTEM FILESET:\,2428031191,1236865688,VSS ASR DISK:\,2444808367,1236865688

Now lets rename the report.txt file to report.csv and open it in Excel.



 There we go, each field in its own colum. 


  1. vijaysys says:


    Again Thanks for the wonderful article. Just would like to know mminfo command is different between 7.3.2 version and 7.4.4 version.

    Also, how is it possible to get the rreport of list of all savesets along with each client which we configure….


    • gergo says:

      this is very useful !!
      thanks for the info
      my command:
      mminfo -xc, -s server_name -avot -q “savetime> 1 week ago” -r “volume,client(18),level,savetime(18),ssflags,totalsize,nfiles,pool,name(18)”>

  2. oikonny says:

    Hi there,

    I changed the -‘xc,’ parameter into ‘-xc\t’ which uses tabulators between each column and it works fine if you want to paste your textfile into excel.

    mminfo -xc\t -q ssid=XXXXXXXX -r “ssid,volume,client,name” >> output.txt

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