NSRADMIN is your Friend

Posted: April 10, 2009 in EMC Networker, Tips and Tricks

One of the nice features of the Worpress blog is you can see what searches people are using to find your site which is something I keep an eye on in case there’s any good ideas for future posts.

Now on the other hand you can also leave a comment on any of the posts like Vijaysys did.


Howis it possible to get the report of list of all savesets along with each client which we configure….


The NMC (NetWorker Management Console) makes it fairy easy to sort  clients and savesets but there is no easy way to export this out.

This is an example of why im always saying to people “NSRADMIN or MMINFO is your friend”

So here im going to use trusty old nsradmin, im guessing what Vijaysys wants is to get a list of all the clients configured in NetWorker and show the savesets configured against each client instance.

Here im going to use nsradmin from the command line to achieve this.

Step1.First create a txt file on the desktop called input.txt and past the following commands into this file and save.

show name
show save set
show group
print type: nsr client

Step2. Open a command prompt and CD to the desktop, then run the following command.

for /F %1 in (input.txt) do nsradmin -i %1 > nsradmin_clients.txt (Windows)

Step3. Open the file nsradmin_client.txt using notepad and you should see something along the same lines as my output shown below.

name: networkerserver;
group: Default;
save set: All;

name: vmmachine2;
group: FullVM;
save set: ALLVMFS;

name: networkerserver;
group: ;
save set: “NMCASA:/gst_on_networkerserver/lgto_gst”;

name: vmmachine1;
group: FullVM;
save set: *FULL*;

If your using Unix/Linux then the following command should do the same job.

for i in $(input.txt); do $(nsradmin -i $i); done

I hope this helps.


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