How to remove SRM snap prefix from LUN names

Posted: April 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

Ive been plenty busy latley with a number of projects latley so I havnt been looking over the VMware forums latley but I went back over most the posts for the last couple of weeks and found something that really interested me and I wanted to post incase others found this usefull.

Have you noticed during an SRM failover that the prefix Snap_of_ gets added to the origional Lun name ? Does it bother you? Well I think this may vary person to person but when I saw Mike Laverick’s post on this I just had to make the change.

Locate in the C:\Program Files\Site Recovery Manager\Config directory the vmware-dr.xml file. Modify the

<fixRecoveredDatastoreNames>false</fixRecoveredDatastoreNames> to be <fixRecoveredDatastoreNames>true</fixRecoveredDatastoreNames>

If you would like to check out the thread on the VMware forums you can find it here.


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