vSphere Datastore naming

Posted: July 16, 2009 in Tips and Tricks, VMware

Something Ive noticed each time Ive installed vSphere now is the naming convention for the local VMFS partition created at the time of install has gone back to just storage1 apposed to <servername>:storage1

I remember back in 3.0.x days it was like this and I believe the change come around 3.5 where the server name was used as a prefix.  When you’ve got multiple Putty sessions or browsing all the datastors with the VC client, it makes life much easier when the local VMFS storage can be easily identified by server name.

I need to go through the admin guide to see if I can find a reference to shy this was changed, but until then I recommend changing the local VMFS datastore name during install.

Here is an example of the datastore name from the default install










And here an example of the datastore name after renaming during install or aterwards in VC



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