Getting EMC NetWorker VCB exports to stay on disk

Posted: August 12, 2009 in EMC Networker, VMware

If you’ve been using EMC NetWorker to perfrom VCB exports then you’ll know that after the VCB export has been backed up from the holding tank to Disk or Tape, it is then removed from the VCB holding tank.

I had a request from a customer this week “We want to be able to use NetWorker to perform VCB exports but configure it to leave the export on disk so we can then replicate to our DR site”

No problem I said, Ill go and configure that in the config.js file…. <looks>……<looks more>……. hmmm well I have options to remove existing snapshots from snapshot manager, I have an option to delete the mount point if it already exists, and I have an option to leave the snapshot in snapshot manager after the backup but  oh no, no option to leave the export in the holding tank.

After thinking about this for a while I figured that the deletion of the export was actually done by the Networker VCB interoperability module.

After reading down through the code, right at the end I found the clean up section as shown in the screenshot below.


The next thing I did was comment out all the lines after “Clean things up” but making sure to leave “return result” and then saved the file.

I started the VCB group,  the virtual machine exported out to the holding tank, NetWorker saved the export to the Disk Device, the group completed successfully and the export was left in the holding tank as I wanted.

I’m still in the process of testing this to make sure it does not have any adverse effects, but from what I can see at the moment its all good. If you change this you will need to make sure you change the option in the config.js file to delete existing mount points other wise you will have failures.

Also if you upgrade the NetWorker interoperability module, its likley you will need to apply this change again.

Hope this helps.


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