Licensing Considerations for vCenter Linked Mode

Posted: November 19, 2009 in Site Recovery Manager, VMware

Vmware vCenter Linked Mode enables a common inventory view across multiple instances of vCenter Server.

Over the last year Ive deployed a number of VI3 systems with Site Recovery Manager in the mix and one of the things that always annoyed me was having to manage each site separately. Now with vCenter Linked Mode both sites can be managed from a single view. (Including all Site Recovery Manager functionality)

Something I found common on the forums was VMware customers using Virtual Center “Standard”  edition at the production site, but purchasing “Foundation” for the recovery site as it was considerably cheaper.

Now where am I going with this ? Lets take a look at one of the images I found in one of the Vmware documents I had laying around.


Ahhhh … no Linked Mode with vCenter Foundation.

Not everyone will think this is a big deal…. personally, having a single view for managing multiple vCenter sites is brilliant, its defiantly worth considering going with at least Standard at the recovery site for this additional feature.


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