How to Create Virtually Provisioned iSCSI LUNS on EMC Celerra

Posted: November 22, 2009 in Celerra

When creating iSCSI LUNS on a Celerra I typically have all file systems created before hand and then use the command line to create iSCSI LUNS in each file system.

A couple of weeks ago I decided for some reason to use the wizard “Create new iSCSI LUN” and noticed something that was not present in the older versions of DART.

Heres a screenshot showing the option to virtually provision the LUN

This seems to have come in with DART version 5.6.45 as is not present with the latest version of the Celerra Simulator which runs 5.6.43

For those of you who are interested in how to create LUNS from the control station, heres a couple of examples.

Create a virtually provisioned 100GB iSCSI Lun using LUN ID of 5, configured on iSCSI Target “ProdTarget” inside file system “ProdVMFS”

server_iscsi server_2 -l -number 5 -create ProdTarget -size 102400M -fs ProdVMFS -vp yes

If you’re creating destination “ReadOnly” LUNS for iSCSI replication then we use the same command but add a switch to configure the LUN as read only.

server_iscsi server_2 -l -number 5 -create ProdTarget -size 102400M -fs ProdVMFS -vp yes -readonly yes



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