Vote Now for VMware Bloggers

Posted: January 11, 2010 in VMware

It’s that time again, you can vote here for your favorite VMware bloggers. It will be very interesting to see who takes the top spots this time and how much the list changes, but regardless of who rates #1 everyone on that list does a fantastic job and if you have a spare moment take the time to make your vote count.

When I sat down to write this post it was a chance for me to look back over the last year and to be honest when I started blogging it was actually more of a place for me to store useful bits and pieces of information for self-reference more than anything, but somewhere along the way people started tuning in.

 I’ve been very surprised by the number of hits, the majority of which come via people using search engines. Every now and then I keep an eye on hits per day/month but for a long time I’ve not looked to see which posts are the top rating.

And after a quick check, here are my top 5 posts.

vSphere 4 with Software iSCSI and 2 Paths

Enabling Active Directory Authentication with ESX 3.5

Securing your ESX Service Console

Disk Alignment

Networker 7.5.1 new VCB recovery feature

If you’ve found any of my posts useful and you would like to throw a vote my way you can scroll right to the bottom where you can enter a blog name into the blank field (Im not currently listed)


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