Celerra VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Failback Plug-in v 4.0

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Celerra, Site Recovery Manager, VMware

Given the amount of people talking in the forums about how Site Recovery Manager 1.x did not support automated failback, I was a little surprised to find this functionality also missing from 4.0.

Well the good news is if you have an EMC Celerra, the new failback plug-in now supports SRM 4.0 and allows a user to automatically failback data to the primary site, the plugin completes both storage and VMware failback tasks.

Whats new ?

Well other than supporting vCenter 4.0, the new plugin also supports the failback of NFS datastores (previous version supported iSCSI only)

What does the plug-in do ?

The Plug-in is a supplemental software package for the VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM). This plug-in allows users to automatically failback virtual machines and their associated datastores to the primary site after implementing and executing disaster recovery through SRM for Celerra storage systems running Celerra Replicator V2 and Celerra SnapSure.

The plug-in does the following:

  • Provides the ability to input login information (hostname/IP, username, and password) for two vCenters and two Celerras.
  • Cross references replication sessions with vCenter datastores and virtual machines (VMs).
  • Provides the ability to select one or more failed over Celerra replication sessions for failback.
  • Supports both iSCSI and NFS datastores.
  • Manipulates the vCenter at the primary site to rescan storage, unregister orphaned VMs, rename data stores, register failed back VMs, reconfigure VMs, customize VMs,remove orphaned .vswp files for VMs, and power on failed back VMs.
  • Manipulates the vCenter at the secondary site to power off the orphaned VM, unregister the VM, and rescan storage.
  • Identifies failed over sessions created by EMC Replication Manager and direct the user as to how these sessions can be failed back.

For anyone interested, here are the release notes and also the plug-in download.

  1. Jason Boche says:

    When attempting to download the plugin from the link provided, I receive the following error (I have a PowerLink account and a Celerra):

    The content you are trying to access is unavailable. This content may have expired, the link may be incorrect or you may not be entitled to access it with your account. Click here to return to the Powerlink home page.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.

    • Brian Norris says:

      Hi jason, it may just be something to do with the user session, let me know if you dont have any luck finding this on PowerLink


  2. itzik says:

    the link may not be working as it was accessed over a VPN? (which generated a unique url)
    just look for it over powerlink..

    Itzik Reich

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