EMC…. Sharpen Up !!

Posted: January 27, 2010 in EMC Networker, VMware

For those of you who follow my blog you’ll know I am very pro EMC, the majority of my posts are VMware/EMC related. 

Something thats been bugging me for sometime now is NetWorkers lack of support for the vSphere vStorage API’s.  Searching around Ive read other competitors boasting support for the vStorage API’s from ” Day One” of vSphere being released.

Note that I did not say “EMC’s” lack of support, because Avamar of course supports the vStorage API’s for backing up virtual machines.

When it comes to storage and VMware integration, there is no doubt im my mind EMC are leading the field, take a look at some of the awesome VMware/EMC webcasts that are coming up, listed here on Chads site.

So what about NetWorker ?…..Who decided NetWorker didnt need vStorage support yet ?…..Was this an oversight by Product Development ?… Was this a deliberate decision to better position Avamar ?

NetWorker is an enterprise backup product which scales far beyond its competitors yet these compeditors already support the new API’s.

I find this very frustrating !!

Below I’ve embedded a tv commercial on YouTube which is made here in NZ with the catch line “Sharpen Up” which I think is quite fitting.

  1. TristanT says:

    Totally agree with you on this. We are a large Networker shop and would love to have a tool that uses the new API in vSphere. We’d really like to take advantage of the scalability and world-class support from EMC.

    • Brian Norris says:

      Hi Tristan, I’m not allowed to say alot about the NetWorker road map because of NDA, but put it this way I wouldn’t be so pissy about this if it was around the corner. I like to think EMC listens to the customers so I think poeple like your self are going to have to push for it.

      By the way if you’re a large NetWorker site check Preston’s blog “The NetWorker Blog” here at http://nsrd.info/blog/

  2. Stephen Dion says:

    Given that VCB is now officially going end of life soon, I too completely agree with you!!


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