Site Recovery Manager… is the test button really a test ?

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Site Recovery Manager, VMware

One of the best features of Site Recovery Manager is the ability to perform regular testing of the DR process without any impact on the production systems.

Just recently a mate in the UK called me up with an issue which occurred while he was performing a failover in SRM, I had seen the exact same issue before on a customers site so after a quick change to one of the timeout values, everything was all sorted.

The point I want to make here is that in both cases the Test option in SRM had worked perfectly but when an actual failover was done (using the RUN button) SRM failed the task leaving people scratching their heads.

Some may argue the amount of manual steps and outages required to perform an actual fail over and fail back  (which of course does have an impact on production systems) outweighs the need to perform this kind of testing, some may say its drastic.

Personally I don’t think so, kudos to the customers who actually schedule production outages to truly put the technology to the test.


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