Upgrade considerations for EMC NetWorker configured for VCB backups

Posted: February 25, 2010 in EMC Networker, VCB, VMware

If your running an older version of NetWorker e.g. 7.3.x and you’ve implemented VMware Consolidated Backups, you need to consider the configuration differences between early and recent versions of NetWorker before upgrading.

Lets take a look at the differences

Pre NetWorker 7.4.1 each each virtual machine was configured as a saveset in the client instance of  the proxy server.

Example shown below.


So why is this configuration less then ideal ?

  • Firstly the backup server owns the client index and media database information for every VCB client
  • Limited visibility of the virtual machines configured in NetWorker
  • Both FULLVM and FILE  backup information was stored in the client index

  What changed post 7.4.1 ?

This in my opinion was the point where EMC took a step back and really started to think about how to better improve the configuration of virtual clients within NetWorker.

The image below shows a client configured in NetWorker 7.5.1, no longer is the virtual machine an entry in the saveset field for the proxy server.


Why is this configuration better ?

  • Each virtual machine is configured in NetWorker as you would any other client (which results in each system having its own client index)
  • The FULLVM (full image export) information is now stored in the media database, only vcb file backups populate the client index
  • Improved visibility of virtual machines configured in NetWorker

Final Note

This is a good example of why documentation such as the admin guide and release notes should be read before rushing into any NetWorker  upgrade.


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