vStorage Support for EMC NetWorker Coming !

Posted: February 27, 2010 in EMC Networker, VCB

This morning a work colleague attended an EMC NetWorker Webinar and asked EMC’s Anu Yamunan the big question we’ve been wanting to know for quite some time.

Q: IDATA: “When will vSphere vStorage API be fully supported by NetWorker ? As the VCB framework is end of life from 25/07/2010

A: EMC: “We are currently working on leveraging the vStorage API to deliver proxy based protection for VMware environments. NetWorker support for vStorage API is coming soon in the second half of 2010.

I’m really pleased to hear this important feature is in the works, but one particular part of the reply made me nervous “coming soon in the second half of 2010” this is because almost every EMC road map I’ve seen over the years breaks the year up into quarters.

EMC agreed to take this conversation offline and I’m hoping to get a better indication of the release date soon.

  1. Stephen Dion says:

    That’s awesome news. Thanks for posting this!

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