Designing Backup Solutions for VMware vSphere document

Posted: March 3, 2010 in EMC Networker, VCB, VMware

For sometime now I’ve been trying to find more information about VMware’s new vStorage API  and while digging around I stumbled across this great VMware document called  “Designing Backup Solutions for VMware vSphere”      

The document in its own words has been written to “Introduce code developers to the procedures necessary to create backup and restore software for virtual machines”      

I know what your thinking….. “Your not a developer !!” ……No not even close but the document did however answer a tone of questions I had about what functionality I might be able to expect from EMC’s up coming release which is going to support the vStorage API.  

If I get time this week I may post listing which functionality in particular I would like to see built into NetWorker.  

The image below links to the VMware document.. enjoy !
















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