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EMC “A Green World Focus”

Posted: May 8, 2010 in EMC

I remember sometime ago coming across an EMC web page outlining some of the initiatives EMC take as part of their environmental sustainability strategy.

Heres a quick look at one of the paragraphs in the article

“From individual behavioral changes to process and product innovations, EMC is working on many levels to protect the environment around the world. But one of its biggest environmental milestones in recent years is its melding of those many diverse efforts into a formal and coordinated environmental program across the company”

Now although further on down I’ll be taking a light-hearted stab at EMC, it’s actually worth taking a quick read of the page titled “A Green World Focus” to see some of the things EMC have done.

Often when something like this happens for the first time its easy to dismiss as a mistake, an oversight or even a logistical blunder but when I saw some photos a customer sent to a colleague, I decided this was defiantly worth a post.

Its worth noting I’ve seen this about 3 or 4 times now, this is not a once of blunder.

Heres what happened

1. Customer placed an order with us  for 2 x SATA drives to go into an existing disk enclosure.

2. Order gets placed with EMC and drives are sent to customer.

3. A Really Really big box on a wooden pallet arrives at the customer site.


4. Customer opens the Really Really big box.

5. Customer pulls out tones of packaging to find a smaller box.

6. Customer opens smaller box

7. All this for 2 small drives.

You could argue the packaging is warranted to ensure the drives don’t get damaged in transit, but let’s be honest it’s rather excessive, imagine the carbon footprint.