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When working with any product I typically like to go away from using default naming conventions and in this case the Avamar “Default Virtual Machine Group” was no exception.

I added half a dozen Virtual Machines to the default group and performed backup and recovery testing without any issues. Later in the week I decided to rename the group to a more meaningful name and then found that I could no longer add additional Virtual Machines to the group and received the following error.

Event Code 22524
Summary: Failed client add

After renaming the group back to the default name, everything came right and I was able to add additional Virtual Machines.

When I raised a support case, EMC support come back to me saying this was a known but undocumented limitation and would be fixed in a future version of Avamar.

Untill this is fixed I will just create new Virtual Machine groups using my desired naming conventions and leave the Default Virtual Machine Group empty and disabled.