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I am a BIG fan of EMC’s Replication Manager, In my opinion its one of the most under rated pieces of software EMC own.

I was looking over the release notes for 5.3.1 when I noticed the first line in the “New features and Changes” section, “File Level Restore for VMFS and NFS“.

Keep an eye out over the coming weeks as I’ll be testing this in the lab and I’ll be sure to post about the new functionality. Below is a screen capture of the latest 5.3.1 features and changes.


Working for an EMC Partner and being involved in Beta testing means I have to be careful not to blog about anything which could violate the Non Disclosure Agreement we sign as part of the Beta program.

Considering the following information can be found in the NetWorker Community forums, I can say the following;

  • NetWorker 7.6 SP2 will support VADP with change block tracking
  • The Beta program has been delayed till late January
  • The final release according to EMC is still due Q1 in 2011


Posted: December 16, 2010 in Celerra, Technical Wish List

It’s that time of the year again and with Christmas just around the corner I thought over the next few days I would throw some ideas out there incase product management, product development or just people in the right places somehow stumble across my technical wishes.

Technical Wish # 1

Tones of customers are using CELERRA for Block or NAS based storage for VMware Site Recovery Manager deployments. The majority of our customers have migrated file data onto the CELERRA and replicate the Virtual Data Mover and CIFS file systems associated.

Now since most customers using NFS are likely to have the EMC Celerra Plug-in for VMware  it would make sense to either extend the functionality or create a  new Plug-In which would allow VDM (Virtual Data Mover) and associated File Systems to failover within the Plug-in.

Currently you have to A. Perform this using Celerra Manager / Unisphere Manager, and B. Currently have to perform separate actions to failover the VDM and File Systems. Having this integrated with the existing or creating a new Plug-In would be just down right sexy.


Since Celerra NFS datastores have become supported by both Replication Manager and VMware Site Recovery Manager, I’ve been migrating Celerra customers off iSCSI to NFS mainly because of the overhead needed to facilitate Snapshots/Replication of iSCSI luns.

In versions prior to 5.3 you needed to have a Linux host configured as the VMware Proxy to allow snapshots of NFS datastores, but the 5.3 release now supports this on a Windows operating system.