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I was working on a VMware SRM with EMC CLARIION implementation when I come across another gotcha and thought id post about it.

I had to change the IP Address’s for the CLARIION management ports at the DR site and with doing so I went into SRM and edited the array manager configuration so the DR array information used the new management IP Address’s for SPA and SPB.

After performing a rescan of the storage and getting a hideous error, I went looking in the logs and found the following error.

The actual error “Operation denied by Clariion array – You are not priveliged to perform the request” is rather misleading, it looks like the CLARIION is refusing to authenticate the user ( which has been working for months )

After a bit of poking around on PowerLink I found an article which listed the exact same error and listed this as a known issue when changing the IP’s for the SP management ports.

The Fix

  1. Stop the VMware SRM service
  2. Rename the symapi_db.bin in C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager\scripts\SAN\MirrorView SRA\
  3. Start the VMware SRM service

After doing this I performed a rescan and everything worked as expected.

Looking at the error above it looks like the CLARIION is not authenticating the user “Admin” but im guessing the symapi_db.bin file still references the old management IP’s which no longer exist, and because of this the SRA returns with an authentication error.