Locked out of Navisphere, oh Cr@p Now What ?

Posted: February 2, 2011 in EMC, Tips and Tricks

I recently needed to log into a CLARIION for which the admin password was unknown. I did a search on PowerLink and found an article which was fairly vague so I thought id quickly post showing the steps needed to get this sorted.

You will need the service cable which come with your CLARIION, it’s a serial to micro DB9 which connects your workstation or laptop to the management port on the Storage Processor.

My first challenge was my laptop did not have a serial port so I had to go out and purchase a USB to Serial cable.

My second challenge was the instructions on Powerlink talked about Dial Up Networking which is something I remembered from the dark ages (pre Windows XP). I mucked around for about 30-40 minutes with Windows 7 trying to get a PPP connection setup but in the end it was just easier to power on a XP virtual machine  and pass the USB to Serial adapter through to the XP virtual machine.

Pass the USB to Serial Adapter through to the Virtual Machine

Goto Control Panel and select Network Connections

Select the option to create a new connection

Select “Setup an Advanced Connection”

Select “Connect directly to another computer”

Select “Guest”

Name the connection

Select the device

Check the box to add a shortcut on the desktop and select finish

Now launch the connection using the shortcut and edit the properties, you need to change the speed to 115200 otherwise the connection will fail. Then enter Username and Password (see below for details) and connect.

Once a connection has been established, Launch your web browser and connect to the following URL

Now what you need to do is select the option  “Destroy Security and Domain information“, before you do this, just note it does exactly what it says its going to do.

While your waiting for the management service to restart you can disconnect the service cable and patch your laptop back into the network and browse to the Storage Processor as you normally would. When Navisphere loads you’ll be notified that global security is not enabled and prompted to supply a new password for the admin account.

<Username and Password>

Im not going to give out the username and password for the PPP connection as the purpose of the post is to demonstrate the procedure.

If you do need to perform these steps then I suspect you will be able to either find the support article I found which lists the 3 passwords which have typically been used over the years or you could raise a service request with EMC support, Im sure if you give them a valid CLARIION serial number they will give you the passwords.


If you look at the comments below you’ll see Scott Lowe reminded me there is also a service Lan port on each SP which can be used to access the <ipaddress>/setup page.

I’ve used the LAN port a number of times before (typically to change Storage Processor IP’s) as it allows me to connect my laptop directly rather than having to plug my laptop in the customer corporate network, but what I wanted to test was if you could login using the same username/password which you use for the PPP connection.

After testing this using the username/password used for the PPP connection, It seems in order to connect to the <ipaddress>/setup page via the LAN service port, you actually need to know the admin (or other global account with admin privileges) which means at this stage you’ll be stopped in your lost password tracks. I’m pretty sure now the only way to reset the password is using the PPP connection over the serial cable.

If you’re wondering what IP Address you should assign to your laptop, and what address to substitute <ipaddress> for, then check out Dan’s post here which covers exactly what you need to know.

  1. Scott Lowe says:

    (Disclosure: I work for EMC. I don’t speak for EMC.)

    Hi Brian, great article and thanks for writing it up. I believe that you can also use the LAN service port to do this procedure, although I could be mistaken. The IP address that is assigned to the LAN service port as well as the IP address you should assign to your laptop are all documented on Powerlink. This might save you the trouble/hassle of setting up a PPP connection (which, as you noted, is incredibly difficult in more modern OS versions).


    • Brian Norris says:

      Thanks Scott, Ill have a play in the lab tomorrow and let you know how I get on trying this via the LAN service port on the SP.


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