Celerra and Clariion Login Gotcha with Unisphere

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Celerra, EMC, Tips and Tricks

In the last couple of months I’ve deployed two Celerra NS120’s and a Celerra VG2 gateway for which I experienced the same problem preventing anyone from being to login to Unisphere post install.

The symptoms with the NS120’s was quite different to that of the gateway, the NS120’s gave a clear blatant certificate error which let you know the certificate was not valid and basically stated to please come back 3 hours in the future for then the certificate would be valid and accepted.

The VG2 gateway install was completely different and manifested its self to look more like a browser compatibility issue. When launching Unisphere the pop up window would launch but the login prompt would not appear.

The NS120’s were deployed in the afternoon and I didn’t have the need to login immediately so I packed up and left it for the next day. The next day I turned up and logged in without an issue as the certificate was now valid.

The VG2 gateway was more like a day out of sync and I thought id login, correct the time on the control station and try to re-generate the SSL certificates using the command /nas/sbin/nas_config -ssl but this unfortunately did not work.

I did some searching in PowerLink hoping to find something related and found the following knowledge base article;

emc257320 “After NAS 6.0 fresh installation, unable to log in to Unisphere”

While searching PowerLink I found another article related to the Clariion, but almost identical in nature. The fix for the Clariion was nicer as it allowed you to put your clock forward, login, then generate a new certificate and then put your time/date back to the corect time.

emc247504 “Certificate date and time error prevents access to CX4 storage system after upgrade to Release 30.”

The problem seems to be present in both FLARE 30 and DART 6.0 and can show up during install or upgrade.

Hopefully anyone with the same problem might find this post before spending hours thinking it’s a browser or java issue.

Hope this helps.

  1. runningvm says:

    Great post and timely, keep up the good work.


  2. mulletsrokk says:

    Just picked this post up a bit late, but this also affects the VNX series. The fix is to re-create the ssl certificate on the control station. Run /nas/sbin/nas_ca_certificate -generate then delete your old certificates in your browser.

  3. […] also recently posted some good information on a potential login issue with Unisphere; this is caused by SSL certificates that are generated with future […]

  4. John Smock says:

    WOW! This helpded alot, I just could not find help anywhere, even in powerlink… guess I was not searching well enough… thanks!

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