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When it comes to VMware integration, two of my favorite pieces of software now support the new EMC VNX/VNXe product range.

The first link below is to one of Chad’s latest posts covering the latest release of the VMware vCenter plugin.

The second link goes to PowerLink where you can read more on the new features and support in Replication Manager 5.3 SP2.

EMC vCenter Plugin update-VNX/VNXe support

EMC Replication Manager 5.3 SP2 VNX/VNXe support


If you’ve ever configured CIFS shares on your Celerra before (VSA included) you’ll know when mapping to the shares using Windows 2000, XP or Server 2003 you get the default CIFS server comment added in windows explorer.

The comment will display as “EMC-SNAS:T<Dart Version>” shown below as “EMC-SNAS:T6.0.36.4

To stop this from happening you can typically handle this two ways.

#1. On an existing CIFS server: Run the following command as user nasadmin

server_cifs <vdm> -add compname=cifs server>,domain=<domain>,interface=<interface name> -comment ” “

You can see from the command I run that I’m using a virtual data mover, if you’re not then replace this with <server_x>

#2. When creating a new CIFS server: One of the benefits of creating a CIFS server from the command line is you can add the switch -comment ” “ at the time of creation which gets around this problem from word go.

If you’ve mapped drives prior to the change then mapped drives will still show the default CIFS comment because windows caches it in the registry. I did a search for EMC-SNAS and found it in the following location (shown below).

Just delete the entry from the registry and at next login the mapped drive will appear without the comment.