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Just a quick post on a problem I had this week at a customer site running VMware Site Recovery Manager 5 with EMC Celerra and VNX mix.

I actually had everything up and running for a couple of weeks before I logged in again to notice in the “Array Manager” section, both arrays showed status “Error” and when I browsed through to refresh the list of replicated datastores I received the error “SRA command ‘discoverDevices’ didnt return a response”.

I logged a case with EMC and was supplied a new version of the enabler which is not yet available on PowerLink. “

Once this was installed, I performed a refresh under the devices tab and the errors vanished.

As noted above, everything was working perfectly for a couple of weeks before it broke and it turns out what broke it was the vdm (virtual datamover) replication I had set up post the SRM install. The old 5.0.5 verision of the enabler does not filter vdm replication  sessions and I think its fair to say that it breaks the SRA.

I would recommend anyone running the 5.0.5 enabler or below, request the 5.0.11 version from EMC and upgrade.