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I am a BIG fan of EMC’s Replication Manager, In my opinion its one of the most under rated pieces of software EMC own.

I was looking over the release notes for 5.3.1 when I noticed the first line in the “New features and Changes” section, “File Level Restore for VMFS and NFS“.

Keep an eye out over the coming weeks as I’ll be testing this in the lab and I’ll be sure to post about the new functionality. Below is a screen capture of the latest 5.3.1 features and changes.


Its been almost 5 months since I last posted and as far as blogging goes that’s one of the fastest ways to kill a blog. There wasnt any particular reason other than when I got home after a long day at work, I found it very hard to sit down and write. ( no excuses, I was just slack )

Rather than dwell on that I thought Id highlight some of the things that have been going on lately and some of the things which got me back in the writers chair.

vSphere 4.1

Celerra VSA with DART 6.0

EMC Unisphere


EMC NetWorker 6.1

VMware ThinApp


If you’ve visited my site before then looking at the list above, you’ll know that nothing much has changed, the material you’ll find here is still very much focused on VMware and EMC technologies.

There is a lot of cool stuff happening at the moment so stay tuned.

iPad defines portable computing

Posted: January 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Colleague Preston de Guise has written a great post over at The NetWorker Blog about the release of the Apple IPAD.

You wont find pictures, specifications or a price in this post, but instead covers why he believes this little bad boy will deliver (in his words) an “über-portable experience

You can check it out here

I’ve had a few draft posts under construction for the last couple of weeks but just not found time to finish them off as I’ve been in transit across the globe from New Zealand to Taiwan to be with my wife and kids who are back here in Taiwan for Chinese New Year.

For those interested, click on the thumbnail for a rough idea of the route from NZ to Taiwan.

For those of you who follow my blog “Happy New Year” and keep an eye out for some up and coming VMware View 4 and Celerra posts. Also for those of you who follow my site for NetWorker content you’ll know that things have been a little dry in that area for a while as I tend to be focusing in other areas, but id like to point out Preston’s new “Micro Manual” content at … great job Preston, these really are brilliant !

As mentioned above I’m now in Taiwan and  this year was lucky enough to spend new years eve here and witness the awesome fireworks display incorporating the Taiwan 101 building, here is a YouTube video I found showing the 2010 display.

Storage from the old days

Posted: July 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

I was going through an old box of computer parts I had laying around the other day and come across this BEAST.


A closer look I hear you say ?


Yip that’s right 1275 MB’s of storage. Now the funny thing was I pulled this out of a PC before I sold it because I couldn’t afford to buy another HDD of this capacity. Actually thinking back on it, this HDD was in my DX4 100 which had 24MB of memory (and that was considered extreme in those days). The drive I had before this one was 500MB, all my friends I remember asking at the time “Why did you buy such a massive drive”.

Actually im tempted to plug it in and see if i cant get it working, it would be really interesting to see what data I actually had on here.

How times have changed, As I write this post on my laptop which has 300 x more capacity on the HDD and roughly 160 x more memory.

As mentioned in previous post Ive been busy lately and Ive been a bit all over the place. One night I was watching TV and come across this very funny commercial which im pleased to say is made in New Zealand, I’m not a fan of 99% of TV commercials so its good to see quality ones like this that make you laugh out loud. (Well I did).

Ive been plenty busy latley with a number of projects latley so I havnt been looking over the VMware forums latley but I went back over most the posts for the last couple of weeks and found something that really interested me and I wanted to post incase others found this usefull.

Have you noticed during an SRM failover that the prefix Snap_of_ gets added to the origional Lun name ? Does it bother you? Well I think this may vary person to person but when I saw Mike Laverick’s post on this I just had to make the change.

Locate in the C:\Program Files\Site Recovery Manager\Config directory the vmware-dr.xml file. Modify the

<fixRecoveredDatastoreNames>false</fixRecoveredDatastoreNames> to be <fixRecoveredDatastoreNames>true</fixRecoveredDatastoreNames>

If you would like to check out the thread on the VMware forums you can find it here.