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Hidden VMware ThinApp License

Posted: November 2, 2010 in VMware View 4

I’ve been using a 140 day temp license for VMware ThinApp recently and today I thought it was time to go and grab my actual NFR license from the license portal but do you think I could find it ? – Nope.

I did consider that I may have had a man look (you know where you can’t find it and because it didn’t jump out at you, it’s obviously not there) but after a few looks I was certain I did not have the license for some reason.

It turns out that this is actually a known licensing issue and to quote the girl I spoke to in licensing support ” VMware are looking at resolving this in the future ”

To find the ThinApp license I had to click on the “Serial # Lookup” tab from the main licensing page and there is was listed as ” VMware Virtualization Packager “.